The 3D Skin Consultation App

The 3D Skin Consultation App

  • a native iPad app to help doctors streamline their skin consultations.
  • accurately record and locate skin lesions on a realistic 3D model.
  • easily attach clinical photos of the relevant area to that record.
  • generate reports at the push of a button, ideal for referral to a specialist or sending a report back to the general practitioner.
  • designed to compliment your current electronic health record software and practice management systems.

Available Now

The new ApreSkin app uses a realistic 3D model for its graphic user interface. It enables automated localization on the model to streamline data entry during a skin consultation as well as direct attachment of photos.

This enables accuracy in recording the medical record to prevent possible pitfalls of trying to relocate the correct lesion at a later date or downloading the correct photos from a digital camera into the correct patient record. The data entry is fully customizable to use the terms and phrases that you like to use as well as your common diagnoses and procedures.

The app also features customizable templates for surgical and laser procedures as well as a PASI template. For security and privacy, the data on the app is encrypted and protected by a pin number.

How ApreSkin Works

Designed to compliment your current electronic medical records software. In the clinic or at the bedside using your iPad you can easily generate a patient report or medical record of the skin consult using realistic 3D models to mark skin lesions or conditions with automated localization. Add your most common diagnoses, procedures or phrases for data entry at the tap of a button.

Then seamlessly attach photos or screenshots of the model to aid future identification of the lesion. A report can then be instantly generated for sharing with your work desktop or laptop using software such as dropbox, or email the report to a colleague or print the report for the patient to keep. The medical record can be securely stored on the device or backed up to your computer or to iCloud.

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