Doctors can now reduce the time it takes to do skin consultations, record skin lesions, investigate these lesions and follow up accurately without the need for cumbersome out-dated medical software and paperwork.

ApreSkin, a new iPad app from creator and Dermatologist Brad Jones, is designed to help dermatologists, plastic surgeons and general practitioners benefit from a streamlined, integrated system for their skin consultations. The goal is to provide accuracy in reporting and save time with recording the patient’s skin lesions and conditions.

The app is designed to be user-friendly and compliment current electronic medical records software.

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ApreSkin is available in the App Store with customisable templates for the doctor to use the terms and phrases that they would commonly use for diagnoses and procedures. Customisable templates for surgical and laser procedures including a PASI template for psoriasis is also available within the app.

Doctors can easily attach clinical photos of the relevant area to the patient file, generate reports at the push of a button and even send the report for referral to a specialist.

The 3D Skin Consultation App is available in the App Store to registered Health care professionals.

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