With the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets in Australia, health professionals are faced with more and more opportunities every day that will radically change the way health care is delivered and accessed.

The growing rate of Mobile Medical apps shows potential to improve the lives of sufferers of a range of conditions, empowering patients with information and diagnostic tools directly in their hands.

The ApreSkin app is one of the latest apps in the medical app sector set to improve the way doctors perform skin consultations and streamline the recording and tracking process. This is especially exciting for Dermatologists, who benefit from the visual aspects this technology provides.

Currently doctors are typing a description of the location of a skin lesion into the patients record or marking a spot on a 2D body map then having to scan this into the record. They often take clinical photos of the location of the skin lesions and then rely on staff to download the photos into the correct patient record. All while using medical software that was developed over 10 years ago.

The impact of how medical specialists use and act on health information should not be underestimated. Here are some ways ApreSkin will change the way doctors consult:

  1. Streamlined Consultations
    Using a realistic 3D model for its graphic user interface, the ApreSkin app enables automated localisation on the model to streamline data entry during skin consultations as well as the direct attachment of photos.
  2. Time Efficient Recording/ReportingUsing an iPad doctors can easily generate a patient report or medical record of the skin consult using realistic 3D models to accurately mark skin lesions or conditions along with automated data entry of the location. Then at the press of a button, simply attach photos or screenshots to aid future identification of the lesion.
  3. Integrated Solution
    ApreSkin has been designed to be user-friendly and compliment doctors’ current electronic medical records software.
  4. Fully Customisable
    Data entry is fully customisable for the doctor to use the terms and phrases that are commonly used for diagnoses and procedures. The app also features customisable templates for surgical and laser procedures as well as a PASI template for psoriasis.
  5. Secure
    The app is encrypted and pin protected to ensure the security and privacy of your patients’ information.

Find out more and download the app from the Apple Store.

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