ApreSkin you - full size

Apreskin you is the private version of the ApreSkin app that can be used by anyone to track their own moles, skin cancers, blemishes etc.

“Is this mole cancerous???”

“Is it a melanoma???”

If you ask your dermatologist those questions, it can be helpful to also show them how your mole may have changed recently.

ApreSkin you is designed for just that – for you to monitor, record and track any skin spots you may be concerned about or wish to review with your medical practitioner.

It is designed as an easy-to-use platform using a realistic 3D model to mark and record your skin concerns whether they be a changing mole, new growth or rash which can be photographed and the changes compared over a timeline.

A watch list of your main skin concerns can also be compiled and shown on the model so you can remember to check them all regularly.

ApreSkin you enables you to become more aware of your skin spots and monitor them for changes by comparing photos over time. Picking up early changes and early detection of skin cancers means earlier treatment by your specialist and a more favourable outcome.

Remember: Early detection of changes in your skin can save your life!

Click here to view the ApreSkin you app on the iTunes App Store.

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